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Association of Banks of Chile joins SBFN

May 22 2023 – The Sustainable Banking and Finance Network (SBFN) welcomes the Association of Banks of Chile (ABIF) as its newest member. ABIF is the banking industry association of Chile which brings together 14 banks and four foreign representation offices. Established in 1945, ABIF represents its members in policy engagements and coordinates industry actions to contribute to the prosperity of Chile.

“SBFN wholeheartedly welcomes ABIF as its newest member. We look forward to working with ABIF as it continues to promote sustainability and green finance among its members and in the country. We welcome ABIF’s efforts with regards to defining and implementing a national taxonomy of sustainable activities and are committed to assisting the Association in these efforts,” said Rong Zhang, SBFN Global Coordinator.

SBFN is an IFC-facilitated network of 79 financial sector regulators and industry associations representing 63 countries around the world.

Visit the ABIF website to learn more about the Association

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