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Inclusive Sustainable Finance Task Force

About this Task Force

The Inclusive Sustainable Finance (ISF) Task Force was established in January 2024 as an expansion of the inclusive finance work undertaken by the SBFN Task Force for Low-Income Countries. The ISF Task Force aims to enhance understanding regarding the design and execution of ISF frameworks for policymakers, regulators, supervisors, and industry associations in Emerging Markets. Through the analysis of Member policy innovations and the exchange of experiences in developing inclusive financial risk management and sustainable financing (SF) measures, the Task Force will investigate and record how SBFN Members foster inclusivity within their SF frameworks, thereby improving SF policy formulation. Additionally, the Task Force will support capacity building efforts by offering Members a range of policy alternatives and strategic decisions to facilitate the attainment of their sustainability objectives.

Main Activities:

  • Conduct an inquiry to document ISF definitions, strategies and good practice measures from an emerging markets perspective; 
  • Identify changes in strategy and emerging trends in SF that promote inclusive practices across the financial sector, including in the area of access to social and green finance for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) as well as adaptation finance; 
  • Provide guidance to SBFN Members on the determinants of effective ISF measures that advance Financial Inclusion and mitigate unintended consequences such as exclusionary effects resulting from Net Zero disclosure requirements; and
  • Facilitate capacity building activities based on the ISF Report to enable SBFN Members to better integrate dimensions of Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Finance into their SF measures​. 

Working Group Co-Chairs

Pia Bernadette Roman

Pia Bernadette Roman Tayag

Assistant Governor and Chief of Staff Office of the Governor Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Dr. Tiriongo Joins Kenya Bankers Association as Research and Policy Director

Samuel Tiriongo (PhD)

Director, Research and Policy Kenya Bankers Association

Beatriz Stuart Secaf800pk

Beatriz Stuart Secaf

Sustainability Manager FEBRABAN

The Task Force is constituted by the following SBFN Members:

RegionSBFN Member
East Asia and PacificBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)Co-Chair
Latin America and Caribbean​Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABAN)Co-Chair
Africa​Kenya Bankers AssociationCo-Chair
South Asia​Bangladesh Bank
South Asia​Central Bank of Sri Lanka
East Asia and Pacific​Central Bank of Samoa
South East EuropeBank of Albania
Middle East and North Africa​Central Bank of Egypt
Middle East and North Africa​Central Bank of Jordan
Middle East and North Africa​Central Bank of Tunisia
Middle East and North Africa​Central Bank of Tunisia
Middle East and North Africa​Association of Banks in Jordan
Middle East and North Africa​Federation of Egyptian Banks
Africa​Bank of Ghana
Africa​Banking Association of South Africa
Africa​Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana
Africa​South African Reserve Bank
Africa​Tanzania Bankers Association
Latin America and Caribbean​Central Bank of Paraguay
Latin America and Caribbean​Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Latin America and Caribbean​National Banking and Insurance Commission Honduras