Latest News – 21 November 2023: National Bank of Moldova becomes SBFN member

Measurement Framework and Methodology

In 2016, members requested a systematic comparison of, country approaches to developing national sustainable, finance frameworks. The SBFN Measurement Working Group was established to convene member inputs on the design of a common framework to benchmark country progress and accelerate peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. The Framework is designed to inform the biennial SBFN Global Progress Report.

An evolving framework

The SBFN Measurement Framework reflects the activities, strategies, and tools that members use to promote sustainable finance in their countries. It evolves to match advances in country initiatives. It also incorporates the latest international standards and best practices identified by members as important to their efforts.

A member-led approach

The Framework was designed with extensive member input under the leadership of the Measurement Working Group and Co-Chairs. Updates to the Framework are guided by the Measurement Working Group and agreed by all SBFN Members.