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Green Recovery: Stimulating Post-COVID Economic Competitiveness in South Africa

July 9, 2020 | 1 hr 29 mins |
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In this featured SBN Member Webinar, jointly hosted by the National Treasury of South Africa, IFC, Carbon Trust, and National Business Initiative (NBI), the discussion focused on the process to develop a national green finance taxonomy and its role in supporting the country’s green recovery.

In May 2020, South Africa’s government published “Financing A Sustainable Economy – Technical Paper 2020“, sharing its vision for achieving policy coherence, regulatory guidance, oversight, and capacity building for sustainable finance across all parts of the financial sector. 

The paper recommends the development of a national sustainable finance taxonomy that leverages international developments. For more about South Africa’s national sustainable finance journey over the last several years, see the SBN 2019 Global Progress Report and the South Africa Country Progress Report.

Speakers (bios):

● Sarah McPhail, Director, National Treasury of South Africa

● Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

● Shameela Ebrahim, Chief Sustainability Officer, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

● Jolly Mokorosi, Independent Retirement Fund Professional, Batsetsa Asset Owners Forum

● Berit Lindholdt-Lauridsen, Senior Climate Finance Specialist, IFC


● Financing a Sustainable Economy Technical Paper

● Developing a South African Green Finance Taxonomy

● The Green Stimulus Opportunity in South Africa

● Global Context for Green Stimulus