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The Moroccan Capital Market Authority Joins SBN

May 31,2019

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) joined SBN in December 2018. AMMC is regional co-chair of the SBN Green Bond Working Group and will continue to play an active leading role in the sustainable finance development agenda in Morocco, Africa, and globally. In 2016, AMMC contributed to the Roadmap for Aligning the Moroccan Financial Sector with Sustainable Development, a comprehensive, coordinated and unified vision for the transition to a sustainable and low carbon economy, published by the Central Bank of Morocco, an SBN member since 2014. AMMC published pioneering green bond guidelines in 2016 and updated these in 2018 to incorporate instructions on issuance of social and sustainability bonds. Morocco’s national sustainable finance framework is rated at the “emerging” stage by the SBN 2018 Global Progress Report. AMMC is committed to scaling up action on green and sustainable finance in Morocco, and focuses on raising awareness among market participants to encourage good practice, on promoting innovation in sustainable finance, and on working closely with all stakeholders.