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Macedonian Banking Association joins SBFN

February 20, 2024 – The Sustainable Banking and Finance Network (SBFN) welcomes the Macedonian Banking Association (MBA) as its newest member.

Founded in 2018, MBA comprises all banks and savings houses in the country, demonstrating a unified commitment to champion sustainable finance. Notably, MBA has taken significant strides by establishing the Commission for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to promote sustainable finance in the country.

By aligning forces with SBFN, MBA aims to propel its dedication to sustainable finance within the national financial sector. The collaboration seeks to create a conducive environment for managing ESG risks and performance, fostering innovation in financial products that encourage capital flow towards endeavors aligned with environmental and social objectives.

“SBFN wholeheartedly welcomes MBA as its newest member. We look forward to working with MBA to create an enabling environment that facilitates the management of ESG risks and performance in the financial sector, and develop innovative products to encourage the capital flow to sectors and activities that achieve environmental and social objectives. Together, we aim to foster a positive impact on the financial landscape, promoting practices aligned with sustainable development objectives.” said Rong Zhang, SBFN Global Coordinator.

MBA’s membership expands SBFN to 88 members in 67 countries.