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Bankers Association of Zambia joins SBFN

Oct 26, 2023 – The Sustainable Banking and Finance Network (SBFN) welcomes Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ) as its newest member.

Founded in 2008, BAZ is a membership- based organization representing 17 registered and licensed commercial banks in Zambia. The Association supports its members in developing sustainable green solutions, builds capacity in green finance, and contributes to important sustainability discussions in the country.

“SBFN wholeheartedly welcomes the Bankers Association of Zambia as its newest member. The Association’s ambition to support its members and the country to transition to green activities is key to successful development of sustainable finance,” reflected Rong Zhang, SBFN Global Coordinator adding: “SBFN is excited to work with BAZ to realize this ambition.”

As a voice of the banking sector, BAZ encourages its members to adopt sustainable banking practices. In this regard, BAZ stands ready to closely collaborate with SBFN in supporting green financing.

SBFN is an IFC- facilitated network of 81 financial sector regulators and industry associations in 63 countries around the world.