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Unleashing Sustainable Finance in Southeast Asia Report

November 28, 2022 — The World Bank and Beijing Institute of Finance and Sustainability (IFS) published a report “Unleashing Sustainable Finance in Southeast Asia“.

The report explores the urgent need for climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts in Southeast Asia and the important role of the financial sector. This report shows that while sustainable finance has experienced widespread expansion, sustainable debt and equity markets remain small and unable to meet the funding needs of ASEAN-5 economies for their various sustainability objectives.

The Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK), Central Bank of the Philippines, Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) of the Philippines, Thai Bankers Association, Bank of Viet Nam, and Viet Nam Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, all members of the SBFN, play critical roles in working towards the common of goal of resilience and sustainability in the region.  

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