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The Banking Associations of Argentina and Ecuador became the newest members of the Sustainable Banking Network (SBN)

June 03,2019

Argentina: The Banking Association of Argentina, Adeba, with its 28 member banks has recently joined SBN by council approval in September. Adeba will be hosting the Annual Convention of the Latin American Federation of Banks (Felaban) in November for the first time and is committed to implementing good international practices in the banking sector. Adeba and SBN will soon begin defining an action plan for more sustainable banking in Argentina.

Ecuador: The Banking Association of Ecuador, Asobancos, comprising 14 member banks, joined SBN on September 19th. A formal launch of the membership will take place during Asobancos’ annual assembly on October 27th, with the participation of IFC. As part of Asobancos’ commitment to sustainability in the banking sector, it will soon lead an awareness raising event for banks to understand the importance of topics such as environmental and social risk management systems, green products and eco-efficiency, amongst others. The first session will be held just after the assembly on 28th October with SBN and IFC support.