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SBN Member Case Study – Covid Special – A Comprehensive Pandemic Response Led by the Kenya Bankers Association

October 23,2020

This is a public service message from the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) as part of its comprehensive COVID response approaches. Members of the Sustainable Banking Network (SBN) are taking proactive steps to address the pandemic’s adverse effects and promote a more resilient financial system.

The KBA, an active SBN member since 2015, has implemented a comprehensive approach to address the challenges posed by the pandemic. In partnership with the Central Bank of Kenya, KBA has been working to cushion the public and banking industry from the adverse effects of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Actions include policy interventions, a research study, a phased crisis response plan, awareness-raising, capacity building, and other stakeholder engagement activities. For more information on the Kenya Bankers Association and its activities, please visit its website https://www.kba.co.ke/ or follow them on Twitter.

Ms. Nuru Mugambi (tag), its Director of Communications and Public Affairs, shares the comprehensive actions taken by the KBA to address the challenges posed by the pandemic. Read the full case study

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