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SBN FI Survey Rolled Out in 17 Countries

May 31,2019

A SBN online survey on banks’ sustainable finance performances and practices have been launched in December 2018 across 17 countries,  including Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador,  Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Vietnam, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa and Turkey. All 17 countries have launched national sustainable finance policies and/or principles. The FI Survey will complement national enabling environment review to form a comprehensive picture on the development status on sustainable finance. The SBN FI questionnaire covers three aspects, including green & climate finance, ESG risk management and eco-efficiency practices of operations.  The Survey is implemented with the support of Ernest & Young and available in 4 languages, English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

We are now calling on SBN members’ support in the above 17 countries to encourage FI participation in the survey.  The survey is open until end of February 2019. Please distribute the survey link to banks or other relevant FIs in your market and encourage them to participate.  Survey responses will be aggregated at national and global level. Individual bank information will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed. At the same time,  we are looking for individual FI case studies on sustainable finance with positive demonstration impact, please feel free to nominate pioneering banks from your market. Those case studies will be included in the SBN Global Progress Report as a resource for global learning.

Link of Survey: https://eyfrance.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9vOU5aO94kbUMp7

For more information and questions regarding the SBN FI survey, please contact IFC and Ernest &Young,  Wei Yuan, wyuan@ifc.org, and Antoine Helouin , antoine.helouin@fr.ey.com.